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Real Time Relationship Monitoring

Ferret is Relationship Intelligence - Enabling You to Decide Who To Trust

Ferret Checking Contacts

Social Proximity + Material Impact = Relationship Intelligence

80,000+ Data Sources

Exclusive risk-relevant databases with information you'll never find on Google.

Constant Monitoring

Know immediately when there's news that matters to you about your network.

AI and Machine Learning

Ferret is constantly learning from users to find news and eliminate false positives.

Global Data Coverage

Our data is collected around the world with the most advanced translation tools.

The Secret Sauce - Exclusive Data and Artificial Intelligence

Previously available exclusively to over 8000 financial institutions for anti-money laundering and know-your-customer services, Ferret is making this data available to everyone.

Ferret has exclusive databases for:

  • Historical and real time negative news
  • Corporate ownership history
  • Politically exposed people
  • Aliases
  • Papers and leaks
  • Illegal activity
  • Social media sentiment analysis

And much more.

Machine Generated - User Validated Content

Search engines and social media capture user generated content, where people put only their best face forward. Ferret is machine generated content driven by official databases and archives, which is then validated for matching by users. Every validation trains the AI further.

The First Line of Defense for Your Company's Threat Protection

By putting Ferret in the hands of employees on the front lines of a company, businesses can identify and prevent risks faster than ever before. Consolidated reporting lets management instantly identify risky vendors, partners, customers or leads.

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